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Calming your mind of incessant chatter to acquire a higher level of consciousness. Not only does meditating allow you to reduce stress but it also allows for you to reach your highest level of potential as a human being.  "Guided Meditation" - is the use of audio recordings to

Meditating to seek answers to questions and truths, it is also the most effective way to reduce stress. With the mind having over 3,000 thoughts per day, more than half of those thoughts being negative, causes release of many hormones in your body, one major hormone being catecholamines, which is a hormone that will trigger the rest of your adrenosympathetic system…..HEART PUMPING HARDER, CIRCULATION SLOWING DOWN, RETAINING SODIUM, that is only 3 items mentioned to this system, look it up! That’s why stress will kill you, and the first thing that goes with a stress related death is the heart. Without all of those stressful and negative thoughts throughout the day, your brain is in a state of homeostasis as the parasympathetic system continues to relax and renew, keeping your heart rate low, circulation steady and in a healthy calm state.

1. Find a nice quiet place without a radio, television or children.
2. In the sitting position with a straight back, Indian style, lotus position, however you are most comfortable….not laying down.
3. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing; in through your nose and out of your mouth, calm relaxed breaths. Count them to 10 and start over. Hearing my breaths helps me to focus on something other than that bill that needs to be paid or how my husband annoyed me last evening. If focusing on your breaths don’t help you, find something else; the ticking of the clock or the water from your aquarium.
4. As you find yourself truly relaxed, don’t force anything, seeing colors or shapes is great, just let it be what it is, don’t try to figure out what you are seeing, just let it be, seeing black is good also. Expecting to see a whole picture movie will keep you from moving into that relaxed state of mind that you are seeking.

Some people will also light candles or incense; turn on that water fall, hit the dimmer switch on your lights, pull out your healing stones, put on that relaxing bodysuit. There are all different ways to accommodate your meditation session; whatever works for you is best. Meditation can be done in any area; outside, in the shower, in your closet, absolutely anywhere, provided you are comfortable; don’t eat a heavy meal prior to meditation, you will be full and uncomfortable, don’t try to meditate while in the bed for night night time, you are sleepy. Also, recognize that meditating doesn’t have to be done for hour long sessions, start off by trying to stay in your space for 10 minute intervals and increase your time as you see fit.

As you see, there aren’t a bunch of steps, takes little to no effort and is truly rewarding in the end. At the end of your meditation experience you will feel as if you are floating on air, you will notice that the normal aggravations have less of an impact on you, you may notice that your blood pressure has dropped down a few points, you will find that your sleeping better at night, and one of the greatest things of all, it slows down the aging process; less wrinkles….yeah!!