While You Were Sleeping

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Our planet has started to shift out of a lower vibration of greed, confusion and manipulation into a higher vibration of where we all evolve to a much higher since of truth versus reality.

As we shift upward and away from the 3rd Dimension and ascend to the 5th Dimension of awareness, the 3rd. Dimension will collapse; leaving all of the egotistical, selfish and uncaring behaviors behind and allowing the 5th. Dimensional behaviors of LOVE, PEACE and BALANCE to become the new way of living out your human experience here on Mother Earth. This in no way means that earth will explode and we are all going to experience Doomsday….blah, blah, blah, all of that silly stuff, but it does mean that if you choose, life as you know it will no longer exist. You will live out the rest of your life as a loving, caring, unselfish, ego-less, beautiful, kind-hearted being; creating and living an abundant life. Now for those who make the choice to not ascend to the 5th. Dimension, they will be shed with the 3rd. Dimension and continue to live out their selfishness, ego and fear driven lives, their reality.

Ascension is your choice as we are all given free will to live out our existence as we choose. Recognize that there will be more people who will not ascend, due to the fact that we have been conditioned to live out of fear and ego and will not want to accept that there is existence beyond the physical reality. So I’m saying to the people who are spiritually challenged, we will hold no judgment for you and will continue to seek our higher purpose.

Recognizing the ascension is not a must to ascend. You may not notice that life has become much more enriching and abundant; you have gone with the flow of energies that come with the shift, you have lived in the moment with LOVE, LIGHT TRUTH, you have been more accepting of your current circumstances, you recognize your strength and beauty, your connection to your soul makes you powerful beyond words, the light that shines around you cannot be blanched or shed, you recognize that your purpose is much bigger than cars, houses or wallets full of money, you need nothing to make you smile and enjoy your moment, you recognize that GOD, ALLAH, ALMIGHTY, ENOCH, JAH, JEHOVAH and so many more reside within your heart, you recognize that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow only this moment along with no good or bad…..it just is!