Ascension, Spirituality & Symptoms

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There are many unusual signs and symptoms listed below that will help you recognize your inner body changes. These changes are due to the universal expansion of consciousness and awareness.

People by the handfuls are experiencing these same symptoms at different intervals of their awareness; some experiencing these symptoms for years, and some for short periods of time. If you feel the need to contact your physician due to a symptom that is a concern, you should seek medical attention. These symptoms listed below are in no way a diagnosis of any condition and "it's Divinity" will not accept responsibility for ailments or diseases being untreated.

Ascension Symptoms

† Anxiety for no apparent reason
† Loudness in the ears….extremely loud….everything is too loud
† Ringing, whooshing, pinging, beeping sounds
† Sharp pains or headaches that unresolved with medication
† Weight gain
† Arms, hands, legs and feet feel as if they fell asleep….tingling sensation
† Extreme sweating
† Repeated intense inner body heat “HOT FLASHES”, hands and/or bottoms of feet feel extremely hot, along with the spine, back and head
† Repeated cold flashes, inner body cold spots, certain chakra areas turn cold for periods of time
† Inner body electrical-like vibrations, or buzzing
† Extra electricity in the body, constantly getting zapped or constantly blowing light bulbs in the home
† Nerve sensitivity, muscle spasm, twitching, itching, crawling feeling under the skin
† Sudden anger, sadness, joy, bliss, mood swings
† A great repulsion for negative comments or people around you
† Sudden bouts of dizziness, since of falling, stumbling or gliding
† Mental confusion, temporary loss of ordinary vocabulary words or names
† Seeing other beings outside of this dimension or lights
† Sweet smells of incense when nothing is burning                                                    † Hearing soft subtle music when your radio is turned off
† Cravings for more healthy foods; fruit and vegetables
† Eating at different times and smaller portions
† Bouts of diarrhea, bowel sensitivities, pain or pressure
† Hair thinning, breaking
† Insomnia or waking up every 2-3 hours (triad sleep) throughout the night
† Lucid dreams or nightmares
† Need for power naps, feeling exhausted
† Physical, emotional and mental exhaustion at the same time
† Need for new job or complete change in life experiences
† Sudden inability to be around certain friends or family
† Head pain or pressure around your crown area
† Pain or pressure around your brow area
† Muscle weakness, lethargy, body aches, bones and joint pain
† Sudden onset of crying, weeping or feeling extreme love
† Flu-like symptoms
† Visual Disturbances, blurred vision, can’t see
† Skin rashes
† Malfunctioning appliances, unexplained interference with electrical appliances when in a heightened state of emotion; anger or sadness
† Feelings that something is going to happen
† Feelings that time has accelerated and is speeding up; unable to get all daily        activities accomplished as if there isn’t enough time in the day
† Seeing shimmering light particles and aura’s around people, plants, animals and trees
† Feeling as if you don’t belong
† Longing to go home; not suicide, just becoming aware of where you came from
† Feelings of being someone other than who you thought you were